Merchant Accounts for Weight Loss by MyPayment Guru

Weight Loss Merchant Account

While many of the merchant services providers prefer to decline merchant account requests coming from weight loss industries, MyPayment Guru aids you in obtaining a merchant account. We consider that every appropriate business must have availed the credit card processing service as a form of sum. We work with each merchant individually to understand the nature of the business and the risks involved with processing credit cards.

Weight loss supplements are considered as high-risk businesses and have been restricted listed for numerous years. There are several reasons for this and it includes record, previous alerts, and chargeback. We offer suitable guidance to the merchants step by step to avail a Weight Loss Merchant Account from us.

Get High- Risk Merchant Account with MyPayment Guru Solutions

If you are seeking Weight Loss Merchant Account by MyPayment Guru then you can avail high-risk merchant accounts without any stress for your business. What we need from you if you want to acquire a merchant account from us.

Go to our web page for the free application form and provide all the details and provide all the important credentials that we will utilize in times of underwriting procedure. Once you offer all the necessary documents for approval purpose, we will contact the acquiring banks for approving the merchant account for your business. The more credentials you offer, it will be easy for us to offer you high-risk merchant account approval.

Every service or business will have its fraction of patrons, for maybe for the better or for the worse, who are displeased with the consequence and the weight loss business is no distinct. Thus, disgruntled customers often complain their credit card issuers to the argument the dealings claiming that the service did not have the desired result as according to the advertisement. The outcome was a chargeback. It is the prime requisite that the merchants must have the ability to message accordingly. They must be active enough to offer complete refunds for customers who are not pleased with the services. A refund is forever is fine than experiencing a chargeback.

Merchant Account & Payment Gateway features by MyPayment Guru

The Weight Loss Merchant Account and Payment Gateway of MyPayment Guru consists of features which are given below-

  • Domestic & Offshore Exceptional MID’s for the businesses
  • Virtual Terminal including Payment Gateway API solutions
  • Custom Descriptor available for the industries
  • EMV Processing Services
  • Chargeback Watching & Prevention Implements
  • Recurring Billing service offered
  • Avail Multiple Currencies such in USD, GBP or any other
  • Credit Cards and eChecks Processing solutions for businesses

For merchants who are looking for online credit card processing services for weight loss businesses, all documents must be offered to pertain to the security of the stuff. This must include safety certificates, business approval certificates etc. Our high-risk management department will completely review your web and assess the sample supplement prior to start processing payments.

Domestic/Offshore Credit Card Processing for Effective Business!

MyPayment Guru recognizes the real requirements of weight loss merchants, therefore we recognize that offshore merchant accounts are mostly easier to obtain. On account of this, we have diverse offshore banking associates that can support your weight loss industry for an offshore business account. However, for weight loss industries based in the USA, we can help you establish a domestic merchant account. Thus, this makes your payment processes work in an efficient way and make you rely on us.

Avail Payment Gateway for impeccable business for Weight Loss Business!