An Overview of Tech Support Merchant Account

Tech Support Merchant Account

Though the technical business may be regarded as one of the speedy growing industries, banks never approve them for merchant accounts in this sector, which would make them process payments such as credit card processing services. But MyPayment Guru assists the Tech support Business to avail Tech Support Merchant Account from them. We offer merchant account to numerous industries in the technical support including those that offer remote facilities. You offer merchant account solutions at domestic and international level.

Are you interested in developing your business associated with tech-support services? If you are looking for quick growth in business, it is significant to offer fine payment solutions for your clients. Now you can find suitable services from us regarding your own tech support business. MyPayment Guru is one of the merchant account solution providers offering high-quality services if you need for your tech support business.

Approval time needed by us for this sort of business account

As a merchant account provider to your business, we attempt to make the facilities affordable for our clients. While you approach us for business account services you will find it suitable as we charge less as compared to other amenity providers. You do not need to adjust on the standard of amenities and the price, we provide as is one of the high-quality service providers if you are connecting with us.

  • It takes 2-3 business days for the tech support virtual check solution
  • If it is an Overseas Tech Support Merchant Account, then it takes 5-12 business days.
  • If you need a Domestic Merchant Account from us, then it will take almost 14 days.

Requirements for a tech support business account

You can start with MyPayment Guru online application form or contact our staff members for further information. Our staff will provide you with all the facts needed to have a merchant account for your industry. In order to make the process proceed, you must have following credentials important for a Tech Support Merchant Account which are mentioned below-

  • A legal government ID proof is must for the business
  • A bank letter is necessary
  • Recent bank statements of 3 months’ time-period
  • Newest processing statements of 3 months if pertinent
  • Employer ID Number is important
  • Social Security Number of yours
  • Charge-back ratios should be less than 2 percent

Contact any time to get solutions to tech support merchant account

MyPayment Guru provides a next-generation payment gateway solution known for its flexibility and regulation. It can power any sort of business and may be modified as per the individual business needs. The highly-customization aspects of our payment gateway let you encourage and sell your stuff in any region of the world in whatever languages besides currencies you are looking for. The rules-based steering and cascading alternatives made into our gateway offer endless flexibility to surge your gains in all countries of the world. Our gateway provides final payment features consisting of order fulfillment, recurring billing alternatives, chargeback guard and many more. Our payment gateway is easy to use and is an effective solution for your Tech Support Merchant Account.