Dedicated Merchant Account

There are many questions arise if you are looking for payment processing for an e-commerce business. When you are trying to get into the technology behind the payment processing system for credit card or E-check processing, we will provide you the most updated information and a comprehensive knowledge base to distinguish between a dedicated and shared merchant account.

Most of the startups make such silly mistake to on-board their sales to third party provider and later on they face many challenges and even after losing their profits, they do not have record on behalf of the company name.

We will guide you for the best and assist you to make a wonderful portfolio for your company once you started using a dedicated merchant account. In future you can apply to different banking partners through a reliable consultant to get your approval at the earliest possible for best rate and terms. You can build a reputation with your customer if you are using a dedicated merchant account because your name will be printed in their bank statement so that they feel secure payment system and reliable merchant to contact back and sustain for a long period of time.

If you are still having any query for application for a dedicated merchant account besides using the third party services for your online e-commerce business, then contact to your expert to complete the required document formalities to get your account live within 7 days. MyPayment Guru team is available to serve you for any of your query or concerns.

We can try to provide or suggest you the best suitable and appropriate option to integrate to your website and faster payout options to run your business smoothly and you can think to grow easily in online market.

Generally an E-commerce merchant account allows any or almost all online business(also known as Online store, Webstore, E-business) to accept payment through credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, prepaid cards and other forms of payment cards online based on CNP like MOTO transactions.

The process of application can be different and depends on the provider itself (terms, rates, guidelines and conditions). For example, Some merchant accounts can be setup in few minutes, while others may take approval for days to approve a merchant account. Fees, rate and terms also differ much from processors to processors. Let’s start with application for Dedicated Merchant Account.

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