eCheck Payment Gateway

MyPayment Guru is a leading provider of eCheck Payment Gateway for all type of industries. High Risk Merchants are a specific classification of merchants with a higher risk of customer sales disputes, returns and charge backs.

MyPayment Guru have exclusive eCheck payment solution for all size of businesses. Our payment gateway has fully integrated check payment method which can process transactions through the virtual terminal, over the phone and point of sale. In addition to other payment methods like credit card, eCheck is quite cheap.

Merchants, who accept electronic payments can expand their business, enhance customer loyalty and increase sales.  With our eCheck Payment Gateway, merchants get more benefits and earn many advantages. Other payment methods like credit card, debit card, net banking etc. attract higher fees for a transaction. They also charge additional fees for chargeback and also charge for maintenance. We have transparent pricing policy.

Credit Card Payment Gateway

MyPayment Guru is the leading provider of credit card processing services. We are fully equipped to provide credit card payment solutions at the competitive price. We provide excellent credit card payment solutions for retail payment, e-commerce, mobile payments and virtual terminal.

Today consumer feels comfortable to pay with credit cards as they are quick, easy and secure. Those businesses who are not accepting credit cards are losing customers. For convenient online shopping, merchants have to provide multiple payment options along with credit card. We serve all type of industry from small-medium sized to B2B and B2C. We serve customer almost from all the industries. We are known from so many years, we have been providing credit card processing and merchant account related services. We offer affordable and easy credit card processing solutions. Apart from credit card, we also offer the debit card, net banking, ACH processing, wallets, prepaid cards and much more.

Invoice Payment Gateway

Invoice Based Payment Solutions is a simple online payment processing method in which the merchant sends an invoice copy to the customers email id along with the payment link (by logging into merchant admin console). This invoice contains all the information of product services description for customer reference, so that the customer can see the information and make an online payment by clicking on the given link as per his/her convenience by selecting among different payment options like Credit card, Debit card or Net banking.

IVR Payment Gateway

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is simply a phone based platform that allows you to collect payments from your customers by phone call using a phone. Either a mobile phone or a landline can be used for transacting through the IVR. Most of the business owner are opting this solution to increase the revenue. These solutions also come up with different voice for your customer. Preferred voice IVR service can be used to pay for a host of products and services. It can be ordering movie tickets or airline tickets, home delivery of food or even vacation bookings. The customer can also buy physical goods through the Direct Pay IVR system. With IVR solution, you can accept the payment by Credit and Debit Cards – Visa, Master, AMEX.

This procedure is always in a secure environment. This solution is basically made for those business who want to have an alternate solution for their customer, as their customer can make the payment from anywhere and with any phone, Internet does not require.

Wallet Payment Gateway

Whether you own a small business or you are the owner of a grocery store, mall and big company, you definitely need to enhance sales of your products and services by providing awesome services to your customers. With the option of wallet payment gateway of MyPayment Guru, you will be able to maximize your profits in a few days. There are various benefits you will come across after allowing your customers to use Wallet Payment Gateway method from MyPayment Guru.