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Pawn Shop Merchant Account

If you possess pawn shop or own an online pawn store, you require trusted and economical payment gateway solutions for your business. Pawn shops are considered as high-risk businesses and are not accepted by all the banks to offer them the business account. In recent years, the banks and new credit card processors have started accepting pawn store industries and the outcome is that prices have dipped, and level of amenity has increased. But there are few merchant service providers including MyPayment Guru offers Pawn Shop Merchant Account to the businesses.

Pawn Broker Industries Recognized by us for Merchant Account

If you want to have Pawn Shop Merchant Account from us, then we are the ones who offer appropriate services related to your pawn businesses. We assist you in obtaining a merchant account with the help of our associates that can offer credit card processing services for a diverse variety of pawn businesses. Our associates accept businesses with needs which includes high volume accounts, rolling reserve accounts, large ticket accounts, no volume caps and other types of pawn businesses. Besides, our associates can offer payment gateway solutions and credit card processing system in the businesses which consist of effective payment gateway solutions and credit card processing facility to the clients.

Effective Payment Solution for Growing Businesses

MyPayment Guru offers diverse means of payment solutions for your business in order to make your pawn shop work efficiently and incessantly. The services are unique and offer immense assistance to the pawn shop dealers.   Our processes are reliable for the merchants seeking support from us and it includes a variety of options to make your business prosper. The payment processing solutions include-

  • ACH processing
  • Chargeback prevention
  • Payment Gateway
  • eCheck Processing
  • Recurring Billing

Our payment solutions offer exact assistance in fulfilling your needs and you can avail great benefits in business once you look for tech support services. Our payment processes are easy, and it will assist your clients to go for an online store of yours.

Avail High-Risk Corporate Account to enhance business

If you are thinking for a High-Risk merchant account, then we are the right preference for you in terms of business. We offer a flawless facility in order to make your business run in a perfect manner. We are known for our high-risk services and increase your sales via easy payment processes. What you must do in this case is to go for our online application form obtainable on our web. You must provide all the details associated with your business and this will help us to have a clear view of your business including processing history. Besides, you must submit essential documents associated with your business for the approved purpose. Once the documents are approved by the acquiring banks,  you avail Pawn Shop Merchant Account from us. Our high-risk payment gateways make your payment processes work in a speedy manner.

Extra benefits accessible for Pawn Shop Industries:

    Through the processing associates we suggest; pawn shops can expect the extra benefits which include:

  • The approval takes place within 2-3 days.
  • Multiple currency processing facilities.
  • Point of Sale incorporation
  • 3DS processing facility
  • eCheck processing
  • Visa/Mastercard, Discover, and other credit cards accepted
  • Chargeback prevention
  • Handset, emails and swipe recognized
  • Online gateways with chargebacks deterrence
  • Well-matched with chief gateways and other shop carts

MyPayment Guru safest solutions for your business!

MyPayment Guru offers the safest solutions for your business and we offer the most convenient means for payment processes. You can avail exceptional service for your merchant account from us. Our payment processing system makes your business move from one level to another.

Contact us for Pawn Shop Merchant Account at a nominal price without any delay.