Online Gaming Merchant Account – An Overview

Online Gaming Merchant AccountMyPayment Guru is a Online Gaming Merchant Account Solutions Provider making our clients contented with the services. We are the financial firm and offer a solution to the merchants who are in the business of online games. Chiefly, it means video sports played over the Internet, where numerous players are from diverse sites all over the globe. It can as well denote the betting over the Internet by an online nightclub or an online poker apartment. In terms of video sports, online gaming is developing and attracting a lot of people nowadays. Gamers can simply find choices of the same level while playing a face-to-face game online.

Merchant accounts available for all kinds of online gambling

Our firm offers mercantile accounts for numerous sorts of industries in the casino besides online gaming business, such as

  • Lotteries
  • Online Poker
  • Casinos
  • Massively multiplayer online gaming
  • Horse race betting
  • In-play betting
  • Social Betting
  • Mobile Betting
  • Online bingo

What is required while applying for a Online Gaming Merchant Account?

If you desire to get a casino besides Online Gaming Merchant Account, a commercial wants to fill out our online application. Beside application and a safe, working website, dealers also should have the following stuff handy to offer to processors besides sponsors. The necessary documents required for the firm is

  • A legal, government-issued Identity Card like a driver’s certificate
  • A banknote or else a pre-printed vacated check
  • Need 3 months of the new bank statements
  • Need 3 months of the recent dispensation declarations, if pertinent
  • An SSN as Social Security Number or else EIN identified as Employer Identification Number
  • Chargeback proportions must be underneath 2%
  • We can’t promise any sanctions, however, it does promise a modest, efficient application procedure. Merchant accounts are acknowledged within 2-3 days.

Why choose us for your merchant account solutions?

24 hours available for the customers support

We are available for our clients 24 hours without any problem. We guide our customers avail suitable Online Gaming Merchant Account from us. One has to fill up the application form and provide all the info associated with their business.


We are flexible in nature and adapt to the requirements of our clients. We give importance to our clients’ needs and fulfill their demands in a few days. We develop our merchant facilities around your sole professional model, whether it’s one-click tokenization for speedy, in-game expenses, or recurrent dealings for game payments. At MyPayment Guru, we provide devoted backing from a side with numerous years of experience in payment processing besides online gaming. The staff can work with your requirements to repeatedly acceptable tune your payment receipt methods besides surge client conversion rates.

Lower charges

Our global network of numerous banks offers you with entrée to the best rates and safeguards you in the business, employed across many diverse obtaining banks that can be located on our entry deprived of the necessity for separate incorporations, saving time besides money.

If you are looking for online gaming merchant account, Apply Now with MyPayment Guru and get quick approval for your gaming business.