Obtain an MLM Merchant Account for your High-Risk industry

MLM Merchant AccountA merchant account is necessary if you want to receive credit cards payment. But availing an MLM MerchantAccount is not an easy task as it is considered as a high-risk business. The only solution to this is to look for similar banks that offer high-risk business accounts. There are few of the high-risk businesses which would need a merchant account include financial advice, escort services, real estate services promotion enterprises and several more.

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With MyPayment Guru you can get MLM Merchant Account and avail credit card processing by means of an application form accessible on our web or call us. With our trustworthy associates in India and overseas, we can aid you with the super business account.

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MyPayment Guru is a complete amenity provider for your businesses and offers online solutions for high-risk businesses. We provide full amenity starting from business accounts to payment gateways and anything suitable for your business to run appropriately. Whatever solutions you require for payment solutions, we are here to offer you effective advice in making your business prosper.

Friendly & Professional Executives to handle the task

MyPayment Guru consists of experts who are good-natured and available for the merchants seeking service. We love our tasks and are appreciated by our clients. Our experts connect well to the clients and enjoy communicating well with the merchants. You will not only applaud our services but also like to avail it. With our unique knowledge you can get what you desire to have.

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Why choose us for MLM Merchant Account?

MyPayment Guru understands your needs and works hard to offer you a high-risk merchant account. We provide unique expertise and a broad range of banking connections to assist you to avail business account for your MLM business. Besides, we deploy strategies in order to avail high volume limits. Whether you possess a domestic business or a global one, trust us for facilities as we offer instant service once you connect with us. Our payment gateway solutions are known for its flexibility and control. It can control any sort of business and may be modified according to personal requirements.

The highly-customizable aspects of our payment gateway let you help and sell your stuff all over the world in whatsoever currencies you desire. There are a rules-based direction-finding and gushing alternative available for the merchants. Our gateway offers endless flexibility to upsurge your gains in all nations. Besides, our gateway provides payment features consisting of recurring billing alternatives, customizable payments, chargeback security and several more.

Mandatory Requirements for availing MLM Merchant Account

MyPayment Guru offers necessary credentials for obtaining an MLM Merchant Account which includes filling up of an application form. Besides, merchants offer the following credentials to underwriters which includes-

  • A legal proof, government-issued Identification, like a state-issued driver’s certificate
  • A bank letter needed for this purpose
  • Recent processing statements of 90 days required
  • A SSN or Social Security Number needed
  • Recent bank statements of 90 days needed
  • Chargeback proportions should be below 2%
  • EIN or Employer Identification Number required
  • Online sites require a safe, fully-operational web with reliable secrecy and refund rules.

MyPayment Guru is a processor keen to assist the customers to function and thrive. Apply now and get approved within 24 hours for MLM Merchant Account!