Interactive Voice Response or IVR is simply a phone-based platform that allows you to collect payments from your customers by phone call using a phone. Either a mobile phone or a landline can be used for transacting through the IVR. This procedure is always in a secure environment. This solution is basically made for that business who want to have an alternate solution for their customer, as their customer can make the payment from anywhere and with any phone, the Internet does not require.

Most of the business owner are opting for this solution to increase the revenue. This solution also come up with the different voice for your customer. Preferred voice IVR service can be used to pay for a host of products and services. It can be ordering movie tickets or airline tickets, home delivery of food or even vacation bookings. The customer can also buy physical goods through the Direct Pay IVR system. With IVR solution, you can accept the payment by Credit and Debit Cards – Visa, Master, AMEX.

IVR payment Gateway Solution supports Agent Assisted as well as Automated Implementation Models. It can be seamlessly integrated with your existing ERP / CRM System to support information exchange on a real-time basis. The platform can be deployed under a managed or in a hosted services model.

As per the RBI guidelines, with effect from 1st February 2011, all cards used on IVR systems need to be secured with an additional layer of authentication. Customers need to get a password from the bank that has issued their card before initiating a payment using that card over IVR. This password will be used as a One-Time Password (OTP) for transactions. Since there is no manual intervention while entering card details, the customer credit card information is absolutely safe.

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