An Overview of Invoice Payment Gateway

Invoice Based Payment Solutions is a simple online payment processing method in which the merchant sends an invoice copy to the customer’s email id along with the payment link (by logging into merchant admin console). This invoice contains all the information of product services description for customer reference so that the customer can see the information and make an online payment by clicking on the given link as per his/her convenience by selecting among different payment options like Credit card, Debit card or Net banking.

Merchants who are in industries like Travel & E-Commerce often required to generate a customized invoice for specific customers. It is difficult to add a link or product to the website or modifying the pricing for only certain selected customers and it may not be feasible to make it customized in every case. It will increase both effort and risk.

Key Features:

  • Simple and secure online tool to collect payments.
  • Instant Bills to shorten the transaction processing time.
  • Beneficial for all merchants to confirm telephonic or electronic orders immediately.
  • Allows customer to make payments as per their convenience.
  • The merchant can negotiate on the rates mentioned on the website.
  • Send the invoice based payment link to the customers for payment collections.
  • No additional development effort for the merchant.
  • This option is good for the merchants who do not have a website, unlike other vendors who allow this option only to the merchants who own a website.