Secure Payment Gateway for High Risk businesses

High Risk Payment Gateway

Every time when the customer interacts with the merchant’s website checkout page, there should be a flawless process without any error. MyPayment Guru understands the importance of¬†payment gateway solutions to all business sizes. We offer our solutions to high risk businesses as well as low risk. If you are dealing in high risk and looking for High Risk Payment Gateway then your search ends here.

Due to our wide experience, we have become popular for our trusted High Risk Payment gateway services. We understand the unique needs of the high-risk merchants, hence created the personalized payment gateway services for them. When setting up the high risk payment processing, merchants with a high level of risk often requires a secured payment gateway which equips their selling model.

High risk merchants are those who have a high charge back ratio, denial of the previous application for payment gateway, poor business credit and run an international business operation. These high risk merchants need the reliable payment solution. MyPayment Guru is the most trusted high risk payment gateway provider, offers suitable online payment solutions with low charge backs and risk management. Our team has years of experience in the financial industry hence we provide the best solution.

One Stop Merchant Solution for High Risk Business

Our payment gateway accepts all major payment methods on web, mobile app and point of sale machine. We have designed custom payment options to make the transaction process easy. Now you can say no to complicated integrating process with our easy integration features. Our solution is compliance with PCI-DSS and has 3D secure transaction feature for more secure transactions.

Our payment gateway provides multiple currency payment acceptance. It also offers multilingual checkout page options with maximum pay-out methods. A payment gateway is designed to complement your website; you can customize the payment page as per the website theme. If you already have a website and you are looking for payment gateway, we provide the complimentary shopping cart.

Why Choose us for High Risk Payment Gateway?

We provide secure payment gateways for all type of industries. Due to the nature of the online business, we offer the full-fledged solution to meet your specific business needs. A merchant can get the full report about the transaction history and they can review their account. We build the strong relationship to merchants by providing secure payment gateway. You will also get the dedicated account id to log in the payment gateway and check the status of the transactions. We provide complete assistance to our merchants for setting up the high risk payment gateway.

Merchant has the advantage of 24/7 customer support for any kind of query. We provide the fastest approval and activate the payment gateway in 5 business days. Our payment gateway supports in reducing the charge back ratios. We allow merchants to do the high volume of the transaction with no restrictions. MyPayment Guru helps business to grow through our trusted high risk payment gateway solution for business.