High Risk Merchant AccountWhile discussing high risk merchant account in India, our hands are bound as we have a very less solution to process online payments for a business which falls in a high-risk category. If you are a business owner and your business is defined as high risk. You should contact MyPayment Guru experts and discuss your business. We will do our best to place you with a solution, only the priority of ours will be genuine sales.

We can place you some International aggregate as well if you are willing to process internationally. We have placed our India based high-risk business with our domestic as well as international solution.

Online business is one of the fastest growing businesses from the last few years in the world. Online businesses, by definition, incorporate more risk to the credit card processor than conventional businesses. These businesses are considered high risk merchant account because of high sales volumes and the susceptibility to fraud due to the “card not present” environment.

High-risk merchants can earn enormous revenue but often encounter difficulty accepting online payments due to a lack of processors willing to accept certain industry risks.

MyPayment Guru has the solution for high-risk businesses who are seeking to accept credit card payments. The merchant can open merchant account securely at lower rates with us. You are at the right place, as we are professional in providing high risk merchant account. We have vast experience in this industry and offers reliable and secure merchant solution.

Why We Need High Risk Merchant Account?

No one can receive payments online without having a merchant account. The online businesses are risky as it involves online transactions. The merchant account allows the merchant to receive online payments via debit card, credit card, net banking etc. Merchant account authenticates the payment. Many start-up businesses with no credit card processing history have the risk in the e-commerce market. To overcome the risk, merchants are required to have the secure high risk merchant account. We have the complete solution to provide merchant account along with payment gateway.

We have a huge network of banks and institutions; hence we can provide an efficient solution with the best price. Due to the nature of business banks often reject the approval of these accounts. High-risk merchant business can be of many traits like start-up business with no credit card history, subscription-based products, and services, history of bankruptcy or chargebacks, high volume businesses etc. We offer high-risk merchant account to all the industries like tourism, bitcoin, Forex trading, loan, pharmaceuticals, social gambling, tech support, online business etc.

Why MyPayment Guru for High Risk Merchant Account?

We specialize in providing high-risk merchant related services like merchant account, payment gateway, credit card processing and much more. We believe that every business is unique with their products hence we support business to grow. We have the huge network with acquiring domestic international and offshore banks. We work within the guidelines set by these acquiring banks partnered with VISA, MasterCard etc. Merchants are often threatened with e-commerce frauds. With us, you will get 3D secured transactions.

To safeguard your online transaction, we make merchants business PCI-DSS compliant. We have taken many features like 3D secure transaction processing to prevent fraud. Often domestic banks hesitate in approving a merchant account for high-risk business. For this, we provide offshore and international banking solutions which will enable you to grow the business globally. We offer live customer support due to the nature of the business.

Quick approval of high-risk merchant accounts

Our merchant account is free from obligations. We charge the competitive price for our services as compare to others. MyPayment Guru has an extensive worldwide network hence merchant account approval rate is high. We provide dedicate account manager to assist you in the application process and set up. To migrate risk, we have diversified payment processing accounts for all high-risk businesses. We support business to expand the market with multi-currency processing. Now you can accept payment online with easy API integration process. We keep your business safe through robust and customized merchant account solution.

For the free quote, contact us today by emailing us at “info@mypayment.guru”.