An Overview of Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

MyPayment Guru offers a reliable Fantasy Sports Merchant Account to the businesses dealing in Fantasy Sports. We provide an effective solution to your needs as Fantasy Sports is a high-risk industry and requires payment processing firm to provide them the effective solution in order to make their business prosper without hassles. We can offer you an effective solution to your all sorts of payment processing needs.

Fantasy Sports includes various games which include both professional and college games, for example, football is the most prevalent kind of virtual sports gambling. In addition to fantasy football betting business accounts, MyPayment Guru approves accounts for these sort of sports-

  • Baseball
  • Hock
  • Soccer
  • Basketball

MyPayment Guru works with all sorts of businesses whether it is a start-up firm or a well-settled firm or with the merchants that have been terminated via other credit processors or firms with bad credit or industries having a greater number of chargebacks. We want businesses to prosper. This happens with MyPayment Guru’s dedication to the client facility.

High-Risk Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

A high-risk merchant account is necessary for the businesses such as Fantasy Sports which encounters several problems and the problem comes as a high charge-back. The charge-back mostly occurs on account of those customers who are uncomfortable losers. While few of the customers are winners whereas others are losers and file a fraudulent charge-backs. A major competitor for the Fantasy Sports Merchant Account is classified as high-risk due to enormous charge-backs. When this type of situation arises, they go unpaid by the merchant which are regarded as the most important losses in terms of financial development for credit card processing services. The credit processing amenities are closely monitored by both the sponsor banks as well as credit the application form has been submitted, merchants must provide the card firms such as Visa, AMEX, and several others.

Necessary documents needed for a Fantasy Sports Merchant Account

To obtain a Fantasy Sports Merchant Account, businesses must start by filling out MyPayment Guru’s simple online application. After following credentials to underwriters for evaluation:

  • A legal, government-issued ID proof for verification
  • A bank letter is required
  •  Recent bank statements of 3 months
  • Recent processing statements for 3 months, if related
  • Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number needed
  • A safe, completely functional web with reliable privacy and refund rules
  • must be underneath Chargeback proportions 2%

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