eCheck Payment Gateway

MyPayment Guru is a leading provider of eCheck Payment Gateway for all type of industries either high risk or low risk. We have exclusive eCheck payment solution for all size of businesses. We give an edge to accept eCheck payments through their secure payment gateway services. Our payment gateway has fully integrated check payment method which can process transactions through the virtual terminal, over the phone and point of sale. In addition to other payment methods like credit card, eCheck is quite cheap.

Many merchants miss the opportunity to earn more revenue due to lack of flexibility in payment methods. So increase online revenues with flexible payment options provided by MyPayment Guru. Our flexible ACH and eCheck payment method offer an alternative to credit cards. Consumers feel confident when they find multiple payment options at the time of payment and love to do shopping as per their convenience. Online business sales are affected negatively if a consumer does not get the preferred payment options. Merchants are benefited if they choose Check payments along with credit card payment option. It is the good option for the customer who prefers to pay through check. Not all the customers pay through credit cards the majority of them prefer Check.

How does eCheck Payment work?

eCheck payment is the alternative to the paper check. It is an electronic check where payment is funded by the buyer’s bank account. Merchants receive the payment in few seconds through eCheck.

There are two ways to accept payment via online payments and via virtual terminals. To process eCheck online payments, on the checkout page consumer can click on pay online button and follow the instructions. The customer will receive a text message for approval and merchant will receive the payment in five minutes. To process payment on the virtual terminal you have to log in the terminal and have to fill the required details. Enter customer details with the mobile number with three verification options. The option includes bank account verification, text message authorization, and no verification. After the verification payment will be confirmed. Processing eCheck payments is not a big task; all you need is to have the payment gateway to accept the payments. MyPayment Guru provides secure and reliable payment gateway at the competitive price.

Features and benefits of eCheck Payment Gateway

Merchants, who accept electronic payments can expand their business, enhance customer loyalty and increase sales.  With our eCheck Payment Gateway, merchants get more benefits and earn many advantages. Other payment methods like credit card, debit card, net banking etc attract higher fees for a transaction. They also charge additional fees for chargeback and for maintenance. We have a transparent pricing policy.

We don’t charge any hidden fees and charge very low compared to other payment gateway providers. Our eCheck Payment solution is efficient, reliable and eliminates unnecessary cost. It is a fully integrated solution and no third-party integration is required. Our package covers everything you need for the eCheck Payment solutions. For more details contact us today. We are happy to serve our client with the best eCheck payment gateway solution at the best price.

E-Checks have important new features:

  • The ability to conduct bank transactions, yet are safe enough to use over the Internet.
  • Unlimited, but controlled, information carrying capability
  • Reduces fraud losses for all parties
  • Automatic verification of content and validity
  • Traditional checking features such as stop payments and easy reconciliation
  • Enhanced capabilities such as effective dating
  • They are cheaper than most other methods of making payments online
  • Can be used by all account holders, large and small, even when other electronic payment solutions are too risky, or not appropriate
  • Is the most secure payment instrument available today
  • Provides rapid and secure settlement of financial obligations
  • Can be used with existing checking accounts
  • Can be initiated from a variety of hardware platforms and software application.