MyPayment Guru is a award-winning Domestic processing platform which offers secure and real-time processing of credit card & debit card. You gain a seamless view of all payments through our advanced online reporting tools. The agreement is simplified with compatible reporting and statements for all the countries where you operate.

Today’s global marketplace demands that businesses have extensive and secure payment gateway services to handle domestic payments by card or e-check. Unlike the UK and US markets, where standard credit and debit cards are widely used, domestic trade requires a deeper insight into local preferences and trends. We fully understand the ever-changing global payments landscape and will work with you to address all your domestic payment needs, by tailoring our service to match your business requirements.

MyPayment Guru handles every aspect of the acquiring relationship: transaction processing, risk and underwriting, settlement, charge-back management, reporting, and customer service. By maintaining complete control and providing all services in-house with our relationships, MyPayment Guru can better ensure that your needs are met efficiently and effectively. We offer a wide variety of payment processing solutions for your specific business needs.

Comprehensive domestic merchant account solutions

The merchant account enables a merchant to accept credit card payments in person and in virtual terminals. If a merchant process payment in a domestic country than he/she needs a domestic merchant account. MyPayment Guru enables merchants to settle services for the transaction by a bank located in domestic/home country. A domestic merchant account is simple to maintain and allow quick funding at low prices.

We provide secure and trusted merchant account services

To accept domestic payments online, the first step is to open a domestic merchant account with a trusted merchant account processor. For this first, you need to know about the merchant account and how it will help you to manage and grow your business. MyPayment Guru provides domestic merchant account services for any size of business.

We provide specialize merchant account that enables your business to accept multiple electronic payments like the credit card, debit card, net banking etc. We have a wide network of banks and institutions because of which we can provide services at the best rates. We offer full customer support and have the friendly technical team to assist you throughout the merchant account opening process. Our personalized services are best for all type of businesses.

Choose us for domestic merchant account services

By opening a domestic merchant account with us, you get the opportunity to work with the leading merchant account service provider. For so many years, we are in this industry and have developed the complete, safe and secure merchant account solutions for all size of businesses. We provide specialized payment processing solutions to different industries. Credit card payment processing varies as per the size of business; therefore, we have created customized merchant account services as per the individual business need.

With our services, we help you to accept electronic payments quickly. With our solution, your funds get settled within 2 business days. We offer competitive pricing and support transactions with fraud management tools. Along with the merchant account, we help you to manage and grow your business through real-time reporting options. We also help to reduce chargeback.

How you can open a domestic merchant account with us

You can open a secure domestic merchant account with us to save money and to grow your business. Contact us today to learn more

Before applying for merchant account get ready with following documents like the bank statement, identity proof, and credit card history. Paperwork varies with the type of business, the merchant is running. Setting up a domestic merchant account is a very easy process if you have fulfilled documentation requirements successfully.

On average, it takes two business days to get your merchant account approved. Once account formalities are done, account support team will train and guide you through the various features and set up the merchant account for you. We have easy processing solutions with the advanced feature that will support to grow your business in future. We stand apart from other processors as we provide the reliable solution at the competitive price.