Avail CBD Oil Merchant Account from MyPayment Guru

CBD Oil Merchant AccountMyPayment Guru offers CBD Oil Merchant Account to the businesses dealing in CBD Oil sale. Though CBD Oil is considered to be high-risk industry and it is very hard to avail merchant account for Cannabidiol. It is true that several types of ill health may be treated through them. There are specific diseases which can be treated such as depression, particular types of cancer and other kinds of cancer diseases.

Easy solutions for businesses dealing in CBD Oil by MyPayment Guru

There is an easy solution available for your business account if you desire to have one from us. We can assist the merchants dealing in CBD Oil based on factors –

  • Credit card processing services to the merchants dealing in CBD Oil and this makes your business work in an efficient way.
  • We want our clients to offer business bank declarations of the last 4 to 6 months duration exhibiting company name, total number of sales, chargebacks or any sort of refunds.
  • You can avail affordable services from us related to CBD Oil credit card processing.
  • The whole procedure is completed within two within 7 to 14 days’ time as regard to merchant account once you fill up the application form or call our executives.
  • Our staff will match your details with the acquiring bank and if it is cleared or approved by them then we can proceed.

Charges related with Merchant Accounts

MyPayment Guru offers suitable charges to all kinds of businesses including CBD Oil. Our charges depend on numerous factors such as past processing record, what sort of industry you have and the number of sales done in a month. All merchant accounts are different from each other but generally, fees consist of –

  • We offer merchant reduction rate to the businesses
  • There is per transaction charges offered by us
  • We take monthly statement charges
  • There are monthly gateway charges from us once you avail our credit card processing facilities.
  • Chargeback fee acceptable if there is any sort of default

Procedures needed to avail CBD Oil Merchant Account from us

You can avail CBD Oil Merchant Account from MyPayment Guru which is based on three factors such as –

  1. A good credit processing record: You can develop a strong image of your business if you keep your chargeback ratios low. Strong business with a skilled staff, quality products, and a powerful business model are some the things which we consider for availing CBD Oil Merchant Account. Those businesses that lack processing history need to show their bank declarations.
  1. Steady processing volumes: There are some merchants who do not invest in your business unless they are able to judge that there is huge demand of your brand. A stable payments done by your customers shows good transactions each month and this will indicate merchant account suppliers that you are worthy of investment.
  1. Follow the rules: Discover whether your particular state favors the CBD oil business. If it so, then get any certification or agree with any other sort of necessary instructions. Credit card service providers may ask you a copy of the certification while you go for CBD Oil Merchant Account services.