Bitcoin Merchant Account Offers easy transactions and security to your business

Bitcoin Merchant Account

Bitcoin is regarded as prompt and cheaper financial transactions for merchants offering any amenity of products. Whether you have an online business or running a store, using Bitcoin has vital gains as contrary to credit card amenities and other means of payment. With MyPayment Guru, you will avail right solutions for your business transactions. Our Bitcoin Merchant Account assists you in making your business work in an awesome manner.

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Bitcoin Merchant Account serves as a benefactor for your business

The main advantage of using Bitcoin is that the charges are much lower as compared to other modes of payment and we see payments are resolved quickly. Besides our support services assist the clients to recognize the current conversion proportion rapidly if desirable.

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  1. Nominal fees for the merchants to speed-up their business deal!

MyPayment Guru merchant account offers Bitcoin Merchant Account at a nominal price and this makes yours processes easy, secure and speedy. One of the imperative advantages of using Bitcoin Business Account is the transaction charge which is much lower as compared to other traditional payment tools and you can trust them.

  1. No chargebacks found with our Bitcoin Business Account

One can find no chargebacks with our Bitcoin merchant transactions; the payment is confirmed in a fast manner. Thus, you do not face any sort of chargeback as compared to other types of payment processes.

  1. Easy transactions offer easy business!

Our Bitcoin Merchant Account offers stress-free transactions which make your business run in an easy manner. No credit card or debit card needed. No requirement of PIN and it is easily stored on your personal computer or on a smartphone. The customers are contented with the Bitcoin facility and thus there is a rise in profits.

  1. The transactions are traceable with our services

The transactions are traceable which can check fraud if there is a money transfer from one account to another. There is no need to provide personal financial details and you will be obtaining and sending bitcoins like Paypal services.

  1. With Bitcoin you attain versatility

With Bitcoin Merchant Account, you attain versatility in your business. Cryptocurrency is preferred and this will not only surge your business domain, however, will also make it purchaser friendly as well. This will make your business achieve new accomplishments. This sort of versatility is only found when you are using Bitcoins for your transaction.

  1. Quick change from bitcoin to indigenous currency

The alteration from bitcoin to your native currency is quite easy. Employing the recent exchange rate there are several merchants modify their bitcoins into local currency. If you are unknown about the conversion rates, there are several tools applicable for merchants to recognize their conversion proportions.

  1. Avail invoices too with help of Bitcoins

Some bitcoin merchants have certain tools that can provide you with invoices and simple to use POS or Pont of Sale apps that run easily on a smartphone. This is really suitable for the businesses to function devoid of problem.

  1. Suitable for foreign payment processes

The foreign exchange transactions are a big obstruction to the expansion of business but with Bitcoin, you can expand your boundaries without any worry about the expensive results. This aids the merchants to do their business in a secure manner.

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