Adult Videos Merchant Account makes your business safe from fraud

Adult Video Merchant Account

An Adult Videos Merchant Account is somewhat different from other accounts. This sort of account has particular requirements and receives money in the form of a check, credit card or debit card. It is a high-risk business and this undergoes chargeback and scam of different kinds. This is the major reason that many financial firms avoid to offer them the account.

It is not the customers are interested to pay you but the fact is that there is less number of financial institutions willing to offer you a merchant account and in most situations, these financial institutions charge a high-interest rate and the businesses face a less profit on account of this.

Accept Credit cards for your Online Adult Videos business

In order to avail payments, the significance of Adult Videos Merchant Account cannot be underestimated. This kind of account is needed by any person in order to accept credit card processing solutions for your business whether it is online or offline. You can say, this is regarded as an unusual kind of account intended with the purpose of obtaining payments. This industry is considered as a high-risk industry on account of high chargebacks that it faces.

If the account faces too many chargebacks then it is neither good for the merchant account provider as well as for the businesses concerned. This is the only reason why there are few service providers who are ready to accept Adult Videos Merchant Account because it is too risky to offer them the account. Therefore the service providers charge a high rate of interest for the service they offer to the merchants.

Therefore if you are a merchant from an Adult industry, the best thing is that you must look for a service provider who can charge you at least rate for the merchant account. Besides, it is vital that you must make certain that they will offer you a trustworthy amenity which would be conducive for your business. To get rid of your problems, open an Adult Videos Merchant account with a trusted service provider otherwise you may find your money lost completely.

eCheck payment solutions to make your business secure

There are most of the service providers who do not offer solution for high-risk industries such as Adult Merchants, Online Pharmacy etc. But we will offer eCheck solutions for your business if you are looking for eCheck payment solutions. At MyPayment Guru, we provide eCheck solutions for both high-risk and low-risk industries. We also offer offshore merchant account to those businesses having a bad record.

Helpful solutions offered by MyPayment Guru in Adult Videos services:

MyPayment Guru has following solutions for the merchants who are dealing in adult videos services:

  • Adult Dolls Credit Card Solutions
  • Payment Gateway for Businesses dealing in Adult Toys
  • International Business Account for the merchants dealing in Adult toys business
  • eCheck processing solutions for Videos
  • The payment gateway processing solutions for offshore businesses for Adult Toys business
  • Dating sites
  • Web cameras
  • Various others

Documents Mandatory for Adult Merchant Account

MyPayment Guru needs the following credentials from you with an application form to be handled speedily by our squad:

  • Recent processing declarations from present acquirer
  • Adult Content note signed by the chief of the business
  • Breakdown of any membership periods
  • Incorporation of documents
  • KYC documents of the owner is needed
  • Recent Bank statement is required for merchant account approval.

Thus, once you submit all the necessary documents for the fast approval process, we are able to provide you with Adult Videos Merchant Account through the acquiring banks.

Want a safe payment gateway, look for our merchant account!