Setup a High Risk Merchant Account – Fast and Easily

MyPayment Guru has the solution for high-risk businesses who are seeking to accept credit card payments. The merchant can set up payment gateway securely at lower rates with us. You are at the right place, as we are professional in providing high risk merchant account. We have vast experience in this industry and offers a reliable and secure payment processing solution.

While discussing high risk merchant account in India, our hands are bound as we have a very less solution to process online payments for a business which falls in a high-risk category. If you are a business owner and your business is defined as high risk. You should contact MyPayment Guru experts and discuss your business. We will do our best to place you with a solution, only the priority of ours will be genuine sales. We can place you some International aggregate as well if you are willing to process internationally. We have placed our India based high-risk business with our domestic as well as international solution.

Online business is one of the fastest growing businesses from the last few years in the world. Online businesses, by definition, incorporate more risk to the credit card processor than conventional businesses. These businesses are considered high risk merchant account because of high sales volumes and the susceptibility to fraud due to the “card not present” environment. High-risk merchants can earn enormous revenue but often encounter difficulty accepting online payments due to a lack of processors willing to accept certain industry risks.